Today I was struck with an idea for solving one of my little problems in life. You see, I use a lot of Essential Oils and the company I get them from is the best!  But I do have just one small problem, and that is that their bottles sometimes drip out way too fast.  So, in order to have more control, I pour them into one-dram dropper bottles.  That solved a big problem, but created another one, because I’m a bit accident prone. Every once in a while when I set the bottle down to fill a capsule using the dropper, I end up knocking the bottle over when I go to pick it up to screw the dropper lid back on.


The solution is quite simple, really.  I made a stand out of  polymer clay to hold the bottle for me while I’m using the dropper!  Then, since I’m often using the dropper to fill a capsule, I made another stand, or base, to hold a couple of capsules.



So, when I want to fill a capsule with oils, I just take the top off of the empty capsule and put the bottom of it into the base.  Then I use the dropper to drip the oil into the capsule, leaving the bottle in its stand. (Actually, when I’m using the capsule stand I can even hold the bottle and the dropper without worrying about spilling it, since I’m not also trying to juggle a capsule. My problems usually happen once I put the bottle down without its lid on.  If I don’t have to put it down, I’m generally okay.)



Then, before I take the capsule out of the stand, I put it’s top securely in place, pull it out of the stand, and it’s ready to swallow, and nothing tips over!  It’s a beautiful thing!


As you can see, these stands are very basic, and quick to make.  But, if you wanted to, you could get really creative and add some fancy touches.  Just be sure to make the holes a bit bigger than the capsule or bottle to make sure that they will fit easily back inside of the holes once the clay has baked. The clay might shrink a bit, but not much.


Also the holes need to be deep enough to hold them securely in place, but not so deep that you don’t have anything to grip when you want to get them out again.



Another thing to consider is baking time.  I used Sculpey III Granitex because it’s soft and easy to work with, and it bakes quickly.  Just 15 minutes per 6 mm (1/4 inch) thickness.  Keep this in mind when you are sculpting your stands, and shape it around the bottle.  At the same time, you want to leave a fairly wide base.

Regular Sculpey III also bakes for the same amount of time.  Other Polymer clays will also work for this project, but you should always pay attention to the baking times.