As promised, here are the free instructions and patterns for the Bishops and Knights on the green side of the Halloween Chess Set!

Frankensteins and Mummies

You’ll notice that the two Frankensteins are not identical.  And neither are the two Mummies.  They each have their own distinctive look and personality.  It’s fun to watch them take shape.  Sometimes they just crack me up!  You might find yourself talking to them as you’re working on them.  Don’t worry.  They like that!  They’re kind of sensitive though, so try not to get too upset with them if something goes wrong.


The links for the patterns and the instructions are all in pdf format.  The patterns need to be printed the correct size.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve found that the best way to accomplish this, as far as I know at this point, is to right click on the pattern links.  Then click “save link as. ”   Select where you want to save it and rename it if you wish. After you’ve saved it, you have to go find it,  open it, and print it.  When you print, be sure to set your “page scaling” to “none.”  If you don’t do that, your patterns could very likely end up the wrong size, which could make your characters look a bit odd.  To check your sizing, measure the Mummy’s sign.  It should be 1  3/16 inches wide and a bit over 5/8 of an inch tall.


Here is the pattern link, followed by the two links for instructions:

Mummy and Frankenstein

Halloween Chess Set Instructions for Mummies

Halloween Chess Set Instructions for Frankenstein




Two little Mummies

Use the above picture to help you place the arms and feet and the eyes and nose properly on the Mummies.  Notice how the left hand is curved around the sign handle.  You’ll definitely want to use a low temp glue gun for that job!


Speaking of glue, I tried to specify which glue works better for each gluing job in the instructions.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of personal preference, but other times there is a definite reason for using one or the other.  Generally, the craft glues hold better over the long term, but they can be too slow to dry in some circumstances. Then you are probably better off with the glue gun.  I much prefer the low temp for these kinds of projects. The low temp glue cools off faster, for one thing, and that can be very handy.  Also, burning yourself is not nearly as bad as it is with the hot glue! But use your judgement, and do what works best for you.



Check out Frank's neck bolts!

Hopefully this close-up gives you some idea of how to paint Frankenstein’s shirt and pants, and where to place the pompoms for the neck bolts.


I hope you have as much fun making these characters as I did!