Here are the final free patterns and instructions for the Halloween Chess Set!   If this is your first visit to my site, you should be sure to check out all of the other Posts in the Halloween Chess Set Category so you have all the info you need to create your own complete set.  The last very necessary piece to finish your set is the Witch Queen!

Witch Queen



Below are the links for the patterns and the instructions for the Witch Queen, which are all in pdf format.  As I mentioned in the past four posts, the patterns need to be printed the correct size. I’ve found that the best way to accomplish this, as far as I know at this point, is to right click on the pattern links.  Then click “save link as. ”   Select where you want to save it and rename it if you wish. After you’ve saved it, you have to go find it,  open it, and print it. When you print, be sure to set your “page scaling” to “none.”  If you don’t do that, your patterns could very likely end up the wrong size, which could make your characters look a bit odd. To check your sizing, measure the witch hat brim. The outer circle should be 2  1/2 inches, and the inner circle should be 1  1/4 inches.


Pattern Link:

Witch Queen Patterns


Instruction Link:

Halloween Chess Set Instructions for Witch


The back of the Witch Queen

You’ve probably noticed that the strands of yarn on the witch are still intact, while the strands on the She-devil were separated into finer hairs.  This was intentional.  I left the witch’s hair like this to make it more ‘stringy’, rather than frizzy.  You can do it any way you’d like, of course!  She’s your witch now.


Incidentally, I may have failed to mention in my instructions that the inside circle of the witch’s brim is to be discarded.  Just to clear that up, if there was any doubt. . . don’t try to use it anywhere in this project. Unless you want to, of course.  After all, it is a free country. And if you do find a use for it – in this project – please let the rest of us know, in case we want to be frugal, too.


I hope you’ve enjoyed making your own chess set, or at least contemplating it.  Or maybe you were just curious.  Anyway, I’ll have more ideas in the very near future, so keep checking in!