The Common House Martin

Every Holiday should have it’s own bird.  Some already do, even though we may not think about it.   For Martin Luther King Jr., or Human Rights Day, I propose the common house martin as the official bird of the day.   I’ve given the subject of holiday birds a fair amount of thought, and with this particular holiday it was almost a no-brainer,  simply because of the name, Martin.   Other Holidays have taken much more thought, but this one is easy.  We all know that giant steps have been taken in regards to how we treat each other thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr.    I, myself, am very grateful for his efforts, and the efforts of so many others like him.


The Martin bird pictured above is a reminder to me of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I have a dream…” speech.  I made this bird from polymer clay.  He’s only about an inch long, but he has big dreams!


I hope for a world where all people are treated with equal dignity, respect, and love,  regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, or monetary value.

I Have a Dream . . .