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Mar 17

St. Patrick’s Day came about in order to honor St. Patrick, who, as a missionary in Ireland, converted the Irish to Christianity.  He even has a Catholic Cathedral named after him.  So, in pondering which bird to choose to represent St. Patrick’s Day, I naturally thought of the red Cardinal.  I realize that it’s coloring is not even remotely green.  However, when you think of Catholics, you also think of their Cardinals, I’m sure.  So it’s quite logical, of course.

Cardinal With Shamrock

And look how sharply the green shamrock stands out against the brilliant red!  It’s a beautiful thing!

Cardinal Right View

This particular bird is made of polymer clay.   He stands about one inch tall, and is an inch and a half long.

Cardinal Left Side


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Mar 14

Pi  = 3.14 (rounded to the nearest one hundredth).   So, with March being the 3rd month of the year, the 14th day of March is, obviously, Pi Day.   Clearly this amazing day is generally only celebrated by a certain group of people – namely mathematicians, scientists and other related nerds.  In our family, Pi Day is celebrated each year by the making and consuming of huge quantities of pie.  What could be more appropriate, right?  Some years we are more gluttonous than others, of course.  A lot depends on the circumstances.  My son, William, once made 50 pies for the occasion!  Of course, he had to invite a lot of family and friends over to help him eat them all!


Now that I’ve established the importance of the holiday, and a reason for it’s existence, we can discuss the perfect Holiday Bird for the occasion.  I believe that the Magpie is quite fitting.


Look how eager and happy he is for the honor!

Magpie Right Side View

The most obvious reason for choosing the magPIE is for the name, naturally.   But I, myself, am rather fond of them anyway, so any excuse to fit them into my Holiday Bird Collection will do.  But I wasn’t even the one who first thought that the Magpie  would be perfect for this particular occasion.   My daughter, Samantha has that honor, and I thought it was brilliant as soon as she mentioned it!

Magpie Left Side View

I think Magpies are quite pretty, actually, in spite of their slightly disgusting eating habits.   Their tails and feathers are iridescent, and they are quite flashy looking birds.

Magpie Top View

This particular Magpie is made from polymer clay.  It is only about 7/8 of an inch tall, but it is 2  1/8 long.


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