I think that the Mallard Duck is the most excellent choice for the Father’s Day Bird.  The following are some of my reasons. In my Mother’s Day post, I presented Mother Goose as my choice for bird of the day.  Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are related holidays, and therefore their birds should be related too.  Ducks and Geese are definitely related.  In addition, I have personally seen how Mallard ducks seem to hang out in couples, like mothers and fathers.  Also, Mallard Ducks are often associated with hunting, which is the traditional role of the father in the home.  For these reasons I have chosen this bird to represent Father’s Day. Well, plus the fact that I really think Mallard Ducks are awesome, and so is my Dad!

Mallard Duck

My dad and I’ve spent lots of time

Out hiking mountain trails

And we’ve had more adventures

Than we could possibly retell.

But of all the things we’ve ever done,

Our friendship means the most

And though we’ve done some crazy things,

It’s that of which I’d boast!

The Male Mallard