Did you find this bird hiding amongst the flock?  This is a parrot.  He makes a great mascot for International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, which is on September 19th.  Its not a holiday, by any stretch, and therefore is not officially included in my regular holiday bird collection.  But he does hang out with them.  He is, of course, the perfect bird for this Internationally recognized day.  No other bird even comes close!


Now, as promised, I would like to officially recognize the one and only winner of my Find the Bird Contest!  And her name is…….SAMANTHA KROHN!!!  Way to go Samantha!!!  Of course, she is one of my biggest fans (and oddly, I’m one of her biggest fans, as well!)  She is my youngest daughter, as most of you may know.  And she therefore may have had a bit of an advantage, knowing me and my work as well as she does.   But no other entries were even close, so there you go.