The Bald Eagle has been the National Bird of the United States since 1782 – only six years after the Declaration of Independence was signed.   The Bald Eagle was chosen to represent this country because of it’s strength and majestic looks, and because it has a long life span.   Choosing the Bald Eagle as the National Bird set a high standard to live up to, for we as a people, and as a country.


We should strive to make our country worthy of it’s representative.  The Bald Eagle is a beautiful bird.  But also can be fearless and strong, all while maintaining  it’s majesty and grace.   I think we have a ways to go to live up to that.




This is my fierce version of the Bald Eagle.   He’s strong and intimidating, and doesn’t take nonsense from anybody.


Bald Eagle


Even though this particular bird is only an inch and a half tall, and two inches from tip of tail to tip of beak, he is tough and formidable.   But he’s also loving and fatherly to those under his care.


Happy 4th of July!