This post contains FREE patterns and instructions for the Halloween Chess Pieces shown in my first post.  The pieces highlighted today are the pawns, which are bats and cats, and the castles (or rooks), which are headstones and caskets.

Pawns and Castles

Casket, Cat, Bat, Headstone


Casket, Cat, Bat, Headstone

Casket, Cat, Bat, Headstone

Future posts will feature the other  chess characters, and if all goes as planned, they will all be available on or before October 24th.


Below are the links for the patterns and the instructions, which are all in pdf format.  The patterns need to be printed the correct size.  I’ve found that the best way to accomplish this, as far as I know at this point, is to right click on the pattern links.  Then click “save link as. ”   Select where you want to save it and rename it if you wish. After you’ve saved it, you have to go find it,  open it, and print it.  When you print, be sure to set your “page scaling” to “none.”  If you don’t do that, your patterns could very likely end up the wrong size, which could make your characters look a bit odd.  To check your sizing, measure the diameters of the base circles and make sure they are the sizes they are supposed to be, as indicated on the patterns.

Patterns for Bases, Castles, Cats, and Bats


The instructions links don’t matter so much what size they get printed since they are just text.

Halloween Chess Set Instructions for Castles

Halloween Chess Set Instructions for Bats

Halloween Chess Set Instructions for Cats


Here are a few pictures that will help you better understand the instructions:


Candle cups and doll head knobs

The cat head and body are the first items shown on the left in the above picture, followed by the bat body and head.  The large body and head on the right are used for all of the characters which will be shown in future posts.  Notice the cat body has a hole drilled into it towards the bottom, for the tail.


Bases for all Characters

Pictured above are the bases indicated in the patterns.  The Kings and Queens use the 1/2 inch thick base on the left.  the Pawns use the 1/8 inch base in the center, and the Knights, Bishops and Castles use the 1/4 inch base on the right.  The 1/8 inch wooden circle is available in many craft stores.   The others might be harder to find, and you may have to cut them yourself using my patterns.



Bat pawn

Bat pawn front view

Here is a closeup of the bat.  Notice the mouth with its little fangs, and innocent smile.



Bat pawn back view

The wings are glued onto the back with the top right at the base of the head, and the tail sticking out just a bit on the bottom.



Black Cat pawn

This picture is focused more on the feet to show the placement of the 3mm pompoms for it’s toes.



Cat pawn face shot

Here is a close-up to show the placement of the pompoms to make the nose and mouth.  The cheeks are made using two 7mm pompoms.  The nose is a 3mm pompom, and the mouth is completed by gluing a 5mm pompom just below the cheeks.


Hopefully these pictures have been helpful!  The instructions and patterns are much more complete, so be sure to download them all.


Have Fun!!!