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Oct 20

Finally,  here are the free patterns and instructions for the Kings in the Halloween Chess Set!

The Skeleton King and The Grim Reaper King


I’m saving the Witch Queen for the next, and last, blog in this series.  But don’t worry, I have many more ideas for future blogs.  Including, but not limited to, a chess board to go with the chess set – if there is interest expressed. Please let me know.


Below are the links for the patterns and the instructions for the kings, which are all in pdf format.  As I mentioned in the past three posts, the patterns need to be printed the correct size. I’ve found that the best way to accomplish this, as far as I know at this point, is to right click on the pattern links.  Then click “save link as. ”   Select where you want to save it and rename it if you wish. After you’ve saved it, you have to go find it,  open it, and print it. When you print, be sure to set your “page scaling” to “none.”  If you don’t do that, your patterns could very likely end up the wrong size, which could make your characters look a bit odd. To check your sizing, the scythe blade on the pattern should be 3  1/4 inches long from tip to tip.


Pattern Link:

Skeleton and Grim Reaper Patterns


Instruction Links:

Halloween Chess Set Instructions for Skeleton

Halloween Chess Set Instructions for Grim Reaper




Above is a close up of the skeleton to help you get an idea of how to paint the face. Painting the rest of it is pretty basic. Below are pictures showing the steps to making the hands for both the skeleton, and the grim reaper. These steps are outlined in the instructions, but I’m also writing them here to go along with the pictures to make sure you have no problems.  They’re quite easy, and fun, once you know how!


Making the hands: step one

Step 1: Holding two 1  1/2 inch long 3mm chenille stems side by side, take a 3  inch long chenille stem and wrap it once around the center of both of the short ones. Make sure that there is 1  1/2 inches of the long stem left to be used for the arm.



Hands - step two

Step 2: The short stems are the four fingers.  Bend them so that they are in line with the arm stem, but pointing in the opposite direction of the arm.



Hand - step three

Step 3: Take the end of the long stem that you just wrapped around the short stems, and twist it so that it is perpendicular to the arm and fingers.



Hand - step four

Step 4: Wrap the long stem tightly around the four fingers once or twice and bring it underneath the hand so it’s sticking out like a thumb.



Hand - step five

Step 5: Now just trim the fingers and thumb to the right lengths so it looks like a hand. Use your hand for a guide.



Hand - step 6

Step 6: This step is for the Grim Reaper.  This is actually step 16 on the instruction sheets that you should have downloaded. To bend his hand so it’s pointing straight at whomever is in front of him, bend all of his fingers around a dowel, except for the pointer finger.  Leave that one straight.  Then position the thumb over the other fingers in a life-like manner, slide the dowel out of his hand, and there you are!

The pointing finger of the Grim Reaper

You might have to re-position his hand a bit after you glue his arm to his body.


Well, that’s it for now.  Come back on October 24th for the exciting conclusion when I will be featuring the Witch Queen who started it all! (See the Halloween Chess Set Blog that was posted last August for more information.)










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Aug 20


My family has a passion for doing crazy things,

Which brings me to the reason for making Queens and Kings.

The Green Team

My Mom was born on Halloween, her name, it means ‘bewitched’

Which worked out really well when my mom and dad got hitched.

For Dad, you see, loves Halloween and can dress-up fit to kill

And visit certain neighbors and give them quite a chill!

The Orange Team

So that is how this chess set became a family game.

And now I’ll introduce you to each playing piece by name:

 The first piece is my mother, because she is The Queen

And she makes the cutest little Witch that you have ever seen!

Grandma Witch

My dad became The King because she had married him,

And he, for many years now,  has dressed up to be The Grim.

Grandpa Grim

From there the pieces of the game just seemed to fall in place,

And every family member came to occupy a space.

I am the oldest child in our family of four

And three of us got married to create a dozen more.

I’d like to introduce them now and tell you how they fit

(Although it takes a minute to come up with all this wit.)

My husband’s name is Bill and he is the other King,

And dressing up as Skeleton has often been his thing.

It was the costume of his choice before we’d even wed,

And to this day he’ll bring it out to fill the heart with dread!

Skeleton Bill

But  for myself my favorite thing to dress up – and to play,

Is simply a She-devil,  ‘cuz that’s what people say

Is hiding deep inside of me and sometimes will slip out

To pull a little prank or two, to make somebody shout.

Devil Sheri

My brother is Count Dracula, and his costume is the best!

His dentist made him vampire teeth, and that is not a jest!

His costume is distinguished and he always looks well-dressed.

As he plays the role of Bishop in our family game of chess.

Dracula Darryl

His wife, whose name is Patti, is standing by his side

And she is rather Ghostly as she quietly doth glide.

Her position on the board is always as the Knight

And with her playing in the game, we’re sure to do alright.

Ghost Patti

 The other Knight across the board, upon my parents’ team

Is a character whose very sight will often make you scream!

But our Mummy is so cute and sweet she simply steals your heart,

And my sister is the fitting one who gets to play that part!

Mummy Denise

The Bishop who stands by her in this wild little game

Is, of course, her husband, and Louis is his name.

He has the part of Frankenstein, a mighty man of strength,

And to protect his King and Queen, he’ll go to any length!

Frankenstein Lou

The Castles, oh so fitting, in this gruesome little game

Are the headstone and the coffin, both of which are very plain.

But their looks can be deceiving as so many of us know

For inside of them is just the place for all our ghouls to stow.


 And now I’ll introduce to you our precious little ones:

The characters we love, who play the parts of all the pawns.

Our youngest brother, Jim, is represented by the Bat.

Jim, The Bat

And each and every grandkid is distinguished by a Cat.

Willliam, Samantha, Robyn


Bryce, Nathan, Jared, Justin, Jake


Ben, Tim, Emily, Sara

 Now Jim has never married, and he likely never will

But some grandkids have started up that matrimony hill.

A few of them have kittens and have started on their way

To make their own adventures in this world of work and play.