Probably the second most well-known bird to be associated with a holiday is the Penguin at Christmas time.  But here’s the funny part: you see, even though Santa is known to be from the North Pole, or the Arctic, there are no penguins in the Arctic.  They all live in the Antarctic, which is the South pole.  However, I found out that the Great Auk that used to live in the North Pole was called a penguin years ago, before it became extinct.  It was spelled differently, and somehow or another the name ended up sticking to the birds that we now know as penguins.


But, in spite of the fact that Penguins and Polar Bears live down south, and Santa is up north, the penguin is still my favorite pick as the Holiday Bird for Christmas.  For one thing, they love snow!  And who cares about all those other minor details?


So, here is my happy little Christmas Penguin!  He’s very friendly, even though he’s a tad shy.  And he’s very excited for Christmas!  In fact, if he doesn’t calm down he’s going to make me crazy, because his excitement is rather contagious!  But today is a big day, and excitement is a wonderful thing!  And being crazy is pretty much normal for me, anyway.  So, here we go!

Happy Penguin

Another view:


This little guy is made of polymer clay, and is about 1  1/8 inches tall, and 7/8 of an inch from the front of his foot to the tip of his stubby little tail.

Merry Christmas

I hope your Christmas is the best ever!