In Utah the 24th of July is a holiday which is celebrated because it is the day that the early Mormon Pioneers first came into the Salt Lake Valley where they settled.   The bird of choice for this holiday is a ‘no-brainer’ if you are familiar with the stories of the early pioneers.  According to early Mormon records, shortly after they settled in the valley, the pioneers planted crops so that they could survive.  And as these crops got nice and green, but were still not to the point of being harvested, there suddenly swept into the valley a massively huge swarm of locusts (or crickets).  We’re talking epic porportions!  They tried to kill them, but it was pretty much impossible, so they finally did some major praying.  The next thing you know, millions of seagulls came swooping in from who knows where, and ate so many crickets that they would regurgitate them and then go back for more, until the infestations was totally under control.  Later, after Utah became a state and it became necessary to have a state bird, they chose the seagull, and to this day the hungry seagull holds a special, honored place among the Utah Mormon populace.

Seagull with Cricket

This clay seagull is quite friendly and sweet, and he just wants food.

Friendly, sweet Seagull

Not counting the cricket, he is  1  3/4 inches long, and 7/8 of an inch tall.